We are the hands of the clock of our own life-timed device. 
How is yours set? 
Are you launching your life based on true knowing or are you just guessing or both at the same time? 
Your elemental conditioning creates your body as you grow in the body 
weather  show. Being in the Body Know doth help one’s opportunity to flow. 
How things add up in your particular body show is based on your cycles, 
your connection –sphere and in some cases, the more we are attuned to 
our cycles, the more we get in touch with why/or that we are truly  here to 
join with your true nature and self-sphericals.......
We are the time tribe, based of course on the movement of everything that is in motion based on gravity and anti and always.  The more we are attuned to our cycles, the more we become who we are designed to be and why we’re here to serve as a cell in the body of all.  Making use of this gift of time, that’s what the great discovery is and the true gold at the end of our chakra rainbow.

Art Work by ©CarolynFerris
Quest and Inquiries about your own elements include:
Are you a materialist
Are you a materializer
Are your concerns about others
take a guess - are you a heart, club, spades or clubs and what is your movement through your 7 year cycle?
We will track your rhythm with influences that continue and those that are complete for now.

Examples include:
The Beatles, Current Politicians and why they connect with others in their suit.
You will see these in your own moves.
Cycle~Ology Individual Readings start at $395.00
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